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Natura ERVA DOCE / Refill Creamy Soap For Hands Doce Herb - 250ml

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REFIL SABONETE CREMOSO PARA AS MÃOS ERVA DOCE - 250ML / Refill Creamy Soap for Hands Doce Herb - 250ml

Cheapest Refill than regular product and avoid tons of waste for the planet!

The refill version of your favorite product with less plastic that regular packaging is more practical, economical and sustainable. The creamy soap hygienizes your skin effectively without assaulting it, recovering the skin protection layer 50% faster than a conventional soap. Its formula has ingredients that form a creamy foam and leave a delicate protective layer on the skin, always with the pleasant fragrance and freshness of sweet herb. Practical, just restore this refill into the regular packaging.


• Sustainable version for the planet and more economical for your pocket.

Content: 250ml.