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Natura EKOS Trifásico Maracujá / Refill Three-phase Body Deodorant Maracujá - 200 Ml

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REFIL ÓLEO TRIFÁSICO DESODORANTE CORPORAL EKOS MARACUJÁ - 200 ML / Refill Three-phase Body Deodorant Ekos Maracujá - 200 ml

The rebalancing of your skin.

The refill version of your favorite product with less plastic that regular packaging is more practical, economical and sustainable. This body oil, with very light texture, enhances the natural tone of the skin. With emollient properties and deodorant action, promotes sensation of refreshment after the rinsing, besides leaving your skin soft and delicately scented with the fresh and delicate notes of passion fruit. Practical, just restore this refill into the regular packaging.


• Passion fruit, with high concentration of essential fatty acids, moisturizes and calms the skin, softening external aggressions;

• Sustainable version for the planet and more economical for your pocket.

Content: 200ml