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Natura EKOS Trifásico Açaí / Refill Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Açaí - 200 Ml

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REFIL ÓLEO TRIFÁSICO DESODORANTE CORPORAL EKOS AÇAÍ - 200 ML / Refill Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Ekos Açaí - 200 ml

With a very light texture, it forms a film on the skin, leaving it naturally illuminated.

Three-phase oil is rich in essential fatty acids that protect, moisturize and enhance the natural skin tone. Its strengthened and sturdy skin in support of 368 Guardian families of the Amazon bioagriculture.


• The refill version of your favorite product has less plastic in the packaging. Good for you. Great for the planet;

• New formula with açaí gross oil, rich in antioxidants. Same fragrance;

• Developed with 100% vegetable oils, form a protective film on the skin and enhance the natural tone;

• Helps in hydration of the skin;

• Right texture, ideal for daily use;

• Vegan product.

Content: 200 ml