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Natura EKOS Frescor Ishpink Feminino / Refile Freshness Ishpink Deodorant Female Cologne - 150 Ml

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REFIL EKOS FRESCOR ISHPINK DESODORANTE COLÔNIA FEMININO - 150 ML / Refile Ekos Freshness Ishpink Deodorant Female Cologne - 150 ml

Combination of the hot Ishpink note with peppers and saffron, contrasting with flowers femininity and a citrus freshness.

For the first time, Natura Ekos brings an asset coming from the Ecuadorian Amazon in his perfumery. Our Ishpink is cultivated in a sustainable way and its leaves are partially harvested from each tree, twice a year, by producers supported by the Fundación Chankuap resources for the future, the Ecuadorian Amazon, which, with us, struggles for the regeneration of the Amazon. By perfuming with Ishpink's freshness, you strengthen the income of 13 forest guardian families.

Olfactory path:

Light floral. The hot Ishpink note combined with a floral bouquet and citrus fruits.

Olfactory drop:

Output: pink pepper, saffron, pear, apple, pomelo, orange, cinnamon, black pepper

Body: Salvia, Jasmine, Rose, Muguet, Pessego

Background: Guaic, Olibanic, Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalo, Musk

Content: 150 ml