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Natura LUNA Intenso / Refill Deodorant Body Moisturizer Perfumed Intense - 200 Ml

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REFIL DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE CORPORAL PERFUMADO LUNA INTENSO - 200 ML / Refill Deodorant Body Moisturizer Perfumed Luna Intense - 200 ml

Soft touch that boosts and prolongs the perfumation, as well as promoting up to 48 hours of hydration.

Prolong to the whole body the unique experience of Natura's intense female luna fragrance. An exclusive formula with high explosion of fragrance and velvety touch, leaving your skin hydrated and naturally illuminated.


• Prolongs the experience of Deo Parfum with a high explosion of fragrance in the body;

• Soft formula moisturizing skin with silky touch.

Content: 200 g