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Natura EKOS Frescor Feminino Castanha / Refill Deodorant Cologne Freshness Female Chestnut - 150ml

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REFIL DESODORANTE COLÔNIA FRESCOR FEMININO CASTANHA EKOS - 150ML / Refill Deodorant Cologne Freshness Female Chestnut Ekos - 150ml

The refill version of your favorite product is made with less plastic in your packaging. Good for you. Great for the planet.

Chestnut sweet and almond notes combine the cool touch of citrus notes and transmit delicious sensation of heat and freshness. A fragrance with natural ingredient of Amazonian biodiversity extracted from chestnut, native tree fruit of the Amazon.


• A light sweetened fragrance. Chestnut notes combined to fresh touch of citrus notes. Coziness for your days.

Content: 150ml.