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Natura TODODIA Cereja Avelã / Refill Nutritious Deodorant Cream For Body Cherry And Hazelnuts

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Refil Creme Desodorante Nutritivo para o Corpo Tododia Cereja e Avelã / Refill Nutritious Deodorant Cream for Body Tododia Cherry and Hazelnuts

The perfect fragrance to awaken your senses.

The refill version of your favorite product is made with less plastic in your packaging. Good for you. Great for the planet. This nutritious deodorant cream for cherry and hazelnut body will provide deep nutrition with creamy texture and cause the skin to be firmer and soft. All this with an attractive fragrance of fruit notes and sweetened.


• Prebiotic nutrition that adapts the changes of your skin;

• 4x more hydrated and 2x skin more firm;

• Creamy texture that dries quickly;

• Easy to spread.

Content: 400ml