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Natura TODODIA Tâmara Canela / Refill Nutritious Deodorant Cream For Body Tamara And Cinnamon - 400ml

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REFIL CREME DESODORANTE NUTRITIVO PARA O CORPO TÂMARA E CANELA TODODIA - 400ML / Refill Nutritious Deodorant Cream for Body Tamara and Cinnamon Tododia - 400ml

Attractive and striking fragrance in a combination of tamber with cinnamon.

The refill version of the nutritional cream Tododia Tamara and cinnamon uses up to 85% less plastic than regular. With soft texture, the formula of the nutritious cream and cinnamon tododia is light and comfortable. It has vitamins and is ideal for all skin types. Its fragrance is inspired by the surrounding and sensual combination of the date notes with the hot tone of the cinnamon. Contains deodorant action.


• Prebiotic action: maintains the natural balance of the flora of your skin;

• Custom nutrition: stimulates the replacement of nutrients according to each type of skin;

• Deep nutrition: healthy skin in all layers;

• 94% of natural ingredients: greater affinity with your skin;

• Soft and protected skin: easy to spread and absorb fast;

• Fragrance that surprises.

Content: 400ml