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Natura LUMINA Pentear Fitagem Cabelos Crespos / Refill Cream Of Comb And Curly Hair Fitness - 300ml

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REFIL CREME DE PENTEAR E FITAGEM CABELOS CRESPOS LUMINA - 300ML / Refill Cream of Comb and Curly Hair Fitness Lumina - 300ml

Smooth formulas with deep nutrition for strength maintenance and wire resistance.

The Refill of the Cream of Combing and Curly Fitness of Lumina has no silicone in its formula. The product is easy to spread and offers strength and nutrition for the wires with anti-pinting action. In addition, its packaging is more economical and sustainable.


• Immediate brightness;

• Easy to spread;

• No silicone;

• Anti-pinting action;

• Strength and nutrition for wires;

• Economic and sustainable packaging.

Content: 300ml.