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Natura LUMINA Cabelos Lisos / Refill Conditioner Protector Flat Hair - 300ml

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REFIL CONDICIONADOR PROTETOR CABELOS LISOS LUMINA - 300ML / Refill Conditioner Protector Flat Hair Lumina - 300ml

Your hair, your truth.

The refill version of the lumina flat hair protective conditioner uses much less plastic than regular. Lumina-haired protective conditioner is part of a complete treatment system, which reduces the oiliness of the threads, brings lightness and movement and has hydration directed to the tips without regret. He also has the unpublished pro-web biotechnology, responsible for filling the threads from the inside out, to the extent of each damage. In addition, the conditioner brings in its formula the active anti-pollution, which protects the hair against the pollution and the action of free radicals, preventing the oxidation of the wires, with anti-break effect.


• Refill with less plastic than regular packaging;

• rebalibrated hair;

• Hydrated wires of length to tips, without regret;

• Hair with more movement and brightness;

• 2 x More free radical protection.

Content: 300ml.