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Natura LUMINA Polinutrição / Refill Conditioner Polynutrition - 300ml

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REFIL CONDICIONADOR POLINUTRIÇÃO LUMINA - 300ML / Refill Conditioner Polynutrition Lumina - 300ml

Your hair, your truth.

The refill version of the lumina polynutrition conditioner uses up to 82% less plastic than regular. The luminial dry hair polynutrition conditioner is part of a complete treatment system that has antifrix effect, repair and nurture the wires deep. The product still has the unpublished pro-web biotechnology, responsible for filling the threads from the inside out, to the extent of each damage. In addition, the asset nutrirrevitalization moisturizes, repairs and strengthens the capillary fiber, penetrating the wires through the cuticle, enhancing the recomposition of the capillary cortex.


• deeply repaired hair;

• 3x more resistant;

• 6x easier to comb.

Content: 300ml.