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Natura EKOS Patauá / Refill Conditioner Patauá - 300ml

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REFIL CONDICIONADOR PATAUÁ EKOS - 300ML / Refill Conditioner Patauá Ekos - 300ml

Take your favorite product also in the refill version. Less 25% of regular packaging material and less 80 tons of waste generation.

Enjoy the refill version of this conditioner that leaves your hair soft, disengages the wires and reduces frizz. Gross Patauá oil, which speeds up growth and leaves stronger wires, collaborates so that communities such as Cart and Adincocma keep thousands of palm trees standing.


• Reinforces capillary fiber;

• Anti-pleading;

• 94% natural origin;

• disengages the wires and reduces frizz;

• Gross Patauá oil accelerates growth and leaves stronger wires;

• We say no tests on animals, parabens and mineral oil.

* The benefits of this product were obtained from the use of the shampoo and conditioner.

Content: 300ml