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Natura CHRONOS Água Micelar Purificante / Refill Micelar Water Purifying - 150ml

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REFIL ÁGUA MICELAR PURIFICANTE CHRONOS - 150ML / Refill Micelar Water Purifying Chronos - 150ml

Micellar water purifying now in refill to clean and moisturize your skin spending less.

The effectiveness of a make-up with the lightness of water now in refill version. Micellar water micellar cleansing clean without assaulting, making removing up to 98% of light makeup, and takes care of immediate hydration. Without rinse, it is indicated for all skin types.


• Ultralight texture.

• Do not leave the skin oily.

• Hydrate for up to 8 hours.

• It has Dermocalmante action.

• It has pH equal to that of the tear. Therefore, it does not irritate the eyes.

• Removes impurities, oiliness and pollution residues.

• Protects collagen and elastin fibers.

Content: 150ml.