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Adcos Reduxcel Reducer Drain Redux Cards 1 Kg

by Adcos
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Reduxcel Massage Cream Drain Redux Cards 1 Kg

The Drain Redux Massage Cream features excellent sliding and dry touch finish.
Its derm-in technology results in precise and bioassymilable action by the highest permeation of assets results in a high performance treatment in reducing measurements, cellulite and sagging.
The product is still developed with triple technology that confers high performance results: associates the reducing fitocomplexes of the carnivorous plant extract to the anhydrous caffeine and the powerful powerful power drain, rich in hydroxychaltric acid ensuring greater firmness, reduction of measurement, increased drainage Swelling and cellulite.

- indicated for bodily aesthetic procedures for reducing measurements and cellulitis;
- reduces up to 15.2cm in the abdomen, hip and leg measurements in the first session and up to 34cm after 10 sessions;
- reduces up to 21% in the thickness of adipose tissue after 10 sessions;
- Great sliding on the skin;
- increases body firmness;
- promotes reduction of measures, and remodeling of body contour;
- increments drainage, reducing swelling and cellulite;
- Dermatologically tested.

How to use: Apply in areas to handle with massage technique, until complete absorption of the product.

* Pure caffeine: lipolytic agent that inhibits the phosphodiesterase enzyme, directing the metabolic pathway to lipolysis.
* Power Drain: Complex formed by the synergy of 6 plant extracts (Zea Mays (corn stigma), parsley, garcínia, green tea, rustin, rutina) with powerful draining action, decongestant, vasoprotective, antioxidant and reducing.
* Carnivorous plant extract: eliminates fat and prevents its accumulation. Prevents differentiation from pre-adipocytes into mature adipocytes and favors lipolysis. Remodeling effect and reducer of cellulite.
* Derm-in technology: exclusive technology applied on the Reduxcel line that makes assets more bioassymilable, ensuring greater permeation. Increases interactivity between lipolytic, anti-cellulitic assets, detoxifying and skin firmers. It results in maximizing the shares and more potent and fast results.