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Quasar Drop Xy Deodorant Cologne 100ml - o Boticario

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The Quasar Drop XY deodorant Cologne is a fragrance unisex fougère aromatic that was made for those who seek intensity and courage. It is a fresh and light, perfect fragrance to translate the agit of modern life. The great inspiration for this creation was the skateboard universe and the movement that exists in this lifestyle. O Boticário went to seek in large centers smelling that translate the true adrenaline and strength of urban life. The wind freshness in the face, the purity sensation of the trees in the parks and metallic skate wheels friction nuances on asphalt inspired the creation of freestyle chord, exclusive ingredient of quasar drop. In this version, the fresh notes are combined with notes of spices and samples that bring energy and intensity. UNISSEX VEGANA and not tested in animals.New a product of the Boticário Group is tested in animals.Family olfactory: Fougère aromatic