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Quasar Classic Deodorant Cologne 125ml - o Boticario

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Quasar means one of the strongest and mysterious sources of energy in the universe. The deep blue of his bottle refers to this immensity of the galaxy. It was this inspiration that O Boticário created the second best-selling male fragrance brand, the Quasar Classic deodorant Cologne. This male fragrance is unique and continues to mark generations and have admirers since its launch. Citrus exit notes meet the lavender present in the body of the Frente Fougère fragrance bringing the freshness that makes quasar classic deodorant colony very desired by the men.Super versatile and perfect for day to day, Quasar Classic gives that energy to face any challenge ! A dose of courage for men who like challenges! No Boticário Group's product is tested in animals. Olfactiva: Fresh Fougère