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Natura CHRONOS Clareador Fps 70 / Cleaning Protector Fps 70 - 50ml

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PROTETOR CLAREADOR FPS 70 CHRONOS - 50ML / Cleaning Protector FPS 70 Chronos - 50ml

Directed whitening of darkened areas, more uniform skin and reduces differences in skin tonality.

The CLARNIE CLARNEIRA CLARNOS 70 CLARNOS ENFORIZE Skin tone, protects against UVB and grape rays, clears darkened areas and prevents the appearance of new. The combined use of the bleaching protector with the serum potentiates the perceived results in the skin at 70%.


• With FPS70 and FPUVA25, it protects and prevents photo aging.

• Dry touch formula.

• Quick absorption, which leaves no oily skin throughout the day.

• Natural coverage, which disguises imperfections and uniforms the tone of the skin.


0.35% Concentrate of Aroeira: Active of Brazilian biodiversity obtained through the extraction of leaves. It operates in the first stage of melanin, regulating its production and reducing the formation of darkened areas.

4% niacinamide.

Content: 50ml.