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Natura TODODIA Algodão Com Nécessaire / Gift Cotton With Nécessaire

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PRESENTE NATURA TODODIA ALGODÃO COM NÉCESSAIRE / Present Natura Tododia Cotton with Nécessaire

When you give Natura TodoDia gift, you celebrate the relationship of women well with your bodies.

A gift with a moisturizing and perfumation ritual with comfort and softness of cotton. To float with the floral and charming fragrance that involves your senses.


• Nutritious deodorant cream for the body: a balanced combination of natural ingredients with prebiotic action that feeds and strengthens the flora of your skin, which is our first protective barrier. It is indicated for all skin types because it adapts to the needs that each one has.

• Body Splash Deodorant Cologne: New fast drying formula that perfumes and promotes lightweight hydration.

• Barbone in bar: creamy and engaging foam. Fragrance explosion for an even more delicious bath.

• Nécessaire: With Nécessaire standing, you can save the products in this way. Closed, it's great for taking on the trip.

Contents: 1 Body Splash Deodorant Female Cologne, 200 ml + 1 Nutritious Deodorant Cream for Body, 400 ml + 1 Box of Soap in Pure Vegetable Bar, 5 Units 90 g Each + 1 Nécessaire Tododia Cotton - C 17.5 x L 17.5 x to 22 cm + 1 gift bag P.