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Natura NATURÉ Alegria No Parque Com Acessório / Gift Joy In The Park With Accessory

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PRESENTE NATURA NATURÉ ALEGRIA NO PARQUE COM ACESSÓRIO / Natura Natura Gift Joy in the park with accessory

For a development full of jokes and discoveries!

Naturé is a line filled with vegan products, with high naturalness and colorful smells for children to discover the world in a fun way. Soft, dermatologically tested and vegan products leave moments even more deleted and safe. Natura naturé, because joking if you learn to take care!


• Soft, safe and fun fragrances;

• products with high naturalness;

• With suitcase that is the ideal size for short trips and routine tours;

• Cheerful and colorful colony, with plum smell, pear, peach and vanilla;

• The VAPT VUPT 2 shampoo on 1 lava and conditions, leaving the wires softer;

• Gotinha soaps that make the bath more fun and smelly, leaving skin of the soft child;

• Presentable products;

• Cartridge with coloring designs;

• Dermatologically tested products;

• Vegan products.

Contents: 1 Joy in the Park Infant Cologne Park, 100 ml + 1 Box of Soap Bololô, 3 Units 90 g Each + 1 Vapt Vupt Shampoo 2 in 1, 250 ml + 1 Suitcase Naturé - C 42.5 x L 23 x to 23 cm + 1 gift bag G.