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Natura HUMOR Casal Química De / Gift Couple Chemical

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PRESENTE NATURA CASAL QUÍMICA DE HUMOR / Present Natura Couple Chemical Humor

Humor is a way of looking at life. An invitation to break the seriousness of daily daily and fun. ?

Chemistry are two unique and complementary fragrances, which were made to be used separately or mixed. Making you create your own secret formula! Female humor chemistry is the perfect blend among pomegranate notes, explosive fruit and aphrodisiac, with the contrast of Piper, Brazilian biodiversity pepper that heats and surprises. Male humor chemistry is an irreverent blend that combines woody notes with a touch of pomegranate and contrast of Piper, a Brazilian biodiversity pepper. Apply the feminine and male version of humor chemistry together to have an amazing result on the skin. If you play in this chemistry and mix the fragrances as you wish!