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Brazilian Natural Premium Selection Fiber Powder Cupuaçu 150g - Sabor da Amazonia

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Cupuaçu is the fruit of a tree native to the Amazon, it is an extremely tasty fruit typical of the northern region of Brazil. It is considered the Jewel of the Amazon, known as the pharmacy in a fruit. There are several studies, both in Brazil and abroad, that use the seeds of cupuaçu and its pulp to treat gastrointestinal diseases.

The fibers contained in cupuaçu serve to thin, detoxify and reduce localized fat. Great source of antioxidant, Vitamin C, high concentration of polyphenols, cancer prevention, lowers bad cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the cardiovascular system and protects artery walls, fights fatigue, boosts immune system and advocates the body, excellent anti-inflammatory property and vasodilators.

How to use:

1 tablespoon (2 times a day) with milk, yogurt and fruit.

-01 Powder Cupuaçu 150g