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Natura EKOS Pés Castanha / Pulp Deodorant Moisturizing Feet Chestnut - 75g

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POLPA DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE PARA PÉS CASTANHA EKOS - 75G / Pulp Deodorant Moisturizing Feet Chestnut Ekos - 75g

Contains chestnut oil and cozy fragrance with creamy notes.

With chestnut oil, this feet moisturizing pulp, velvety texture and deodorant action, promotes immediate and prolonged nutrition of feet and cuticles. The chestnut makes a great trip until you reach you. It is harvested by people in the guardian communities, passes through Natura's laboratories, where it turns into Ekos products. Together, we keep the Amazon living.


• Nourishes and moisturizes to the deeper layers of the skin and strengthens cuticles;

• Chestnut oil, rich in omega-6 and omega-9, nourishes skin by stimulating the production of structuring proteins to the deepest layers.

Content: 75g.