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Natura EKOS Castanha / Pulp Moisturizing Deodorant For Body Brown - 400ml

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POLPA DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE PARA O CORPO CASTANHA EKOS - 400ML / Pulp Moisturizing Deodorant for Body Brown Ekos - 400ml

Feel your skin protected, moisturized and feedback on all layers.

Take advantage of this moisturizing deodorant pulp for the rich body in omega 6 and 9 with creamy and velvety texture. Chestnuts, which have seen a crude oil capable of feeding the skin, are collected by communities such as Comaru and cooperated, which only take from nature what it offers.


• Fear the skin;

• Anti-securing;

• 98% natural origin;

• Biocompatible formula;

• Protects, moisturizes and feeds the layers of the skin;

• We say no tests on animals, parabens, silicones and mineral oil;

• 100% recycled packaging. 6 mm of PET bottles withdrawals from nature per year.

Content: 400ml.