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Natura EKOS Andiroba / Pulp Moisturizing Deodorant For The Body Andiroba - 400ml

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POLPA DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE PARA O CORPO ANDIROBA EKOS - 400ML / Pulp moisturizing deodorant for the body Andiroba Ekos - 400ml

Its resistant skin with protection, hydration and shielding of daily aggressions.

Enjoy this moisturizing deodorant pulp for the body, rich in limonoids and terpenes, with creamy and velvety texture. Andiroba seeds that have seen a crude oil capable of blindar and protecting the skin are collected mainly by women from communities such as JauAri and Cart, which earn more revenue and autonomy.


• Recommends the skin barrier;

• 98% natural origin;

• Biocompatible formula;

• Protects, hydrates and blinds the skin of daily aggression;

• We say no tests on animals, parabens, silicones and mineral oil;

• 100% recycled packaging. 6 mm of PET bottles withdrawals from nature per year.

Content: 400ml.