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Natura HUMOR Pitada De / Mood - 75 Ml

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PITADA DE HUMOR - 75 ML / Mood - 75 ml

Spread your mood.

Inspired by the vibration and daring of the neon rose, pinch of humor brings a fun reading of a peach drink. A juicy fruit and full of energy that joins amber and jasmine notes, with a touch of storage. Your packaging is also betting right, perfect for those who are always linked to Trend of the moment!

Olfactory path:

Frutal moderate.

Olfactory drop:

Output: Pink Lady apple, red currant and red fruits.

Body: Essential Rose LMR, Ponia, Raspberry and Raspberry Drink.

Background: Patchouli Heart LMR, Edenolide and Vanilla.

Content: 75 ml