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Original Soundvoice Lite SoundCasting 650 Condenser Microphone Voice Music

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The SoundVoice Lite SoundCasting 650 condenser microphone is one of the best-selling wired condenser microphone models.

Studio-quality microphone, offering omni pickup standards, combining quality and unique design, designed to deliver legendary sound for everything from podcasts to recording instruments.

In addition to all the qualities mentioned above, the SoundCasting 650 microphone is great for vocals, volp, games, chat, webCast, and other occasions that demand a quality product.

The benefits of this microphone are the ability to be used with any device that supports 3.5mm jacks.

Soundvoice microphone, quality that speaks and is heard !!!

Brand: SoundVolce;
Model: SoundCasting 650;
Directivity: Omnidirectional;
Response Frequency: 50HZ - 16KHZ;
Sensitivity: -30DB ±3DB;
Impedance: ≤ 2.2KΩ;
Working Voltage: 1.5V;
Standard Operating Voltage: 1.5V;
SNR > 36DB;
Cable Length: 1.80mts to 2mts;
Manufacturing origin: China.
01 Soundcasting 650 Condenser Microphone;
01 Support / Mini Tripod:
01 User Manual.

-01 Soundvoice Lite SoundCasting 650 Condenser Microphone