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Original Punisher Art Scale 1/10 Marvel Justiceiro Collectible - Iron Studios

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Young Castle pursued a military career, and became a captain in the American navy, fighting in Vietnam and becoming the best soldier an army could have. He specialized in various combat techniques, armaments, explosives, survival, war vehicles, and everything else that a man needs to know to win an entire war alone.

When Castle returned, he married and I had two children, a couple. One day, he went with his family to Central Park for a little party. It was a perfect day, until shots were heard. Gangs of traffickers faced each other for power, and one of the men fled through the park, towards the Castle. The family was unlucky enough to witness the man's murder, and to eliminate the witnesses, the killers shot them all.
He later assumed the identity of "The Punisher", vowing to kill all those responsible for the death of his family. A personal war that would never end.

Manufacturer: Iron Studios
Material: Polystone
Scale: 1/10
Approximate height: 21 cm

- Limited edition
- Hand painted
- Includes two pistols
- Accompanies base
- Single ammunition capsules for decoration.

-01 Original Brazilian Iron Studios Original The Punisher Collectible Figure Action Art Scale 1/10 Marvel Justiceiro Miniature