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Original Polished Aluminium Pan Pressure Cooker 6L External Closure - Fulgor

by Fulgor
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In addition to years of experience in the manufacture of pressure cookers, Alumínio Fulgor has developed efficient and reliable systems so that you can use your pressure cooker with peace of mind.

The system with External Closure makes the seal very resistant in addition to the thickness of the walls that support high levels of internal pressure. The sealing ring itself will loosen if the internal pressure becomes too high, relieving the pressure and preventing the pan from breaking or the lid from loosening.

They have a Silicone Safety Valve. In addition to not drying out, this valve that is attached to the lid of the pan also loosens if the release of steam clogs or the internal pressure becomes too high.

Capacity: 6 liter
Diameter: 24 cm
Height: 25 cm
Weight: 2.9 Kg
Cover: External lock with security systems (window and valve)
Material: Aluminum (high purity)
Finish: Polished
Manufacturer: Aluminio Fulgor

-01 Fulgor Pan Pressure Cooker External Closure 6L