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Original Miniature Frateschi Rs3 Central Do Brasil Locomotive 3081 HO 1/87

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Diesel-Electric ALCO RS-3 locomotives were purchased by EFCB in the process of dieselising its lines, in 1952. All of them were manufactured by Montreal Locomotive Works, a Canadian subsidiary of the American Locomotive Company.

EFCB's RS-3s were transferred to RFFSA - Rede Ferroviária Federal S / A, and later became part of the CPTM fleets in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte Metro in Minas Gerais, and Supervia in Rio de Janeiro. Most of these locomotives are still in operation today.

Code / Reference 3081
Description LOC RS3 CENTRAL DO BRASIL - 3081

-01 Frateschi Rs3 Central Do Brasil Locomotive 3081 HO 1/87