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Miniature Electric Locomotive Consolidation CPEF Frateschi 3011 HO 1:87 Collectible

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Miniature electric locomotive CPEF Consolidation in scale 1:87 - HO.
Approximate length: 21.5 cm.
The prototype was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, however, most of the major manufacturers of steam locomotives built thousands of Consolidation between 1866 and 1930. They are coded as 2-8-0, that is, it has two wheels in the guide trick, eight wheels drive and do not have a rear guide trick. This is typical of the late 19th century and has been used by almost all railways, both in standard gauge, as well as wide or narrow, all over the world. The first Consolidation of the Central Railway of Brazil were the 500 series and date from 1877 to 1915. This prototype specifically dates from January 1909 and operated freight trains until 1960 due to its great speed limitation.

-01 Miniature Electric Locomotive Train Consolidation CPEF Frateschi 1:87