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Miniature Electric Locomotive C30-7 MRS HO Frateschi 1:87 Colectible 3061

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Miniature electric locomotive C30-7, "MRS", in scale 1:87 - HO.
Approximate length: 22.5 cm.
The C30-7 produced by General Electric is a 3-axis bogie locomotive, with 3000HP of power, produced in the late 70's. In Brazil, 48 C30-7 were produced, 41 of which for EF Carajás and 7 for EF Cutrale Quintella, to operate on Fepasa's wide gauge lines. With the possibility of importing used locomotives, our railways started to bring hundreds of C30-7 from the USA. In April 2007 the number of them already exceeded 500 in Brazil. They are locomotives present in all Brazilian railroads today.

-01 Electric Locomotive Train C30-7 MRS HO Frateschi 1:87 Colectible