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Original Miniature Electric Locomotive AC44i VLI (8573) HO 1:87 Frateschi Colletible

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Miniature electric locomotive AC44i, VLI, (8573), in 1:87 - HO scale.
Approximate length: 24.5 cm.
AC44i is a large locomotive manufactured in Contagem (MG) by GE Transportation with a nationalization index of 63% of the components used. It is a diesel-electric alternating current machine that delivers a power of 4500HP in its 32,500Kg. It is currently the most important locomotive in the national rail network and is used to transport the most diverse commodities such as sugar, soy, iron ore, oil, bauxite, etc. They can be seen in operation more ostensibly in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, where products flow to the port of Santos (SP).

NOTE: The image used is of the locomotive with numbering 8568, however the numbering 8573 is identical, changing only the numbering itself.

-01 Miniature Train Electric Locomotive AC44i VLI (8573) HO Frateschi