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Original Dental Equip Fotopolimerizador GNATUS Super Dual Led Curing Light

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Super Dual Light Curing Light

Developed to perform dental whitening, direct and indirect restorations, in addition, bonding of orthodontic accessories, polymerization and restoration processes in photopolymerizable resin, among other dental procedures.

Gnatus Led Curing Light ensures the highest quality in procedures, because the device does not heat, it uses less energy, it also reduces costs and it has a longer life. Therefore, it guarantees greater cost-benefit, being the best photopolymerizer on the market.

Features of Super Dual Light Curing Light
Greater power
Wireless device
Provides whitening mode
LED Curing Light Curing Light
Rest Base with Battery Charger
Light Meter with LED Indicators of Light Intensity
Has timer with audible beep at the end of the operation (5,10,15 and 20s.)
It has two modes of operation: resins cure or bleaching (DUAL model)
Economical, with standby system that automatically shuts off after 3 minutes without use
Radiometer included: The included radiometer provides a test to ensure light functionality
Exclusive full arch whitening tip.

In addition, the dental curing device has programming commands in the pen itself with three application modes:

Continuous Mode
Pulsating Mode
Progressive Mode: In the first 5 seconds the power of the emitted light gradually increases. This 'soft start' of the polymerization minimizes the stress of the junction between the restoration and the enamel / dentin and reduces the marginal spaces in the restoration