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Original Brazilian Romero Britto Puzzle Mias Garden 150 Pcs Collectible - Grow

by Grow
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Romero Britto, a pop artist who uses vibrant colors and strong prints, with a language of hope and happiness, is internationally recognized for having performed the largest art installation in London's Hyde Park, and also for exhibiting at the Carrousel du Louvre Museum, at the salon of La Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts (2008-2010), in Paris

1. Check the number of pieces with the information on the packaging.
2. Provide a base (cardboard or wood) slightly larger than the image to be assembled. The dimensions of the image can vary by up to 1%.
3. Separate the pieces with straight corners and assemble, on the base, the entire edge of the image to be assembled.
4. Separate the other pieces, grouping them by colors, to facilitate their location.
5. When you reach an area with many pieces of the same color, separate them by their shape.
6. Keep the puzzle flat while you are assembling it.
7. After assembling, make sure that all parts are properly seated and in the correct places.

Recommended Age: Above 6 years
Image Size: 30.5 x 45.3 cm
Dimensions: 0.25 x 0.05 x 0.19

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