Wooden Lure GT Yellowtail Bluefin Tuna Fishing Popper 17cm Opass GT-01

  • $120.00

Similar to Carpenter Sea Frog

O-Pass GT Sniper lures are developed under the highest quality standard, combining attractive colors, innovative design and excellent balance, making it highly attractive to predators.

The wooden body is carefully sealed and coated providing better quality and reliability.

Predatory fish are always looking for this type of food and it is at these times that the efficiency of the Popper Gt Sniper comes in.

Top of the line product indispensable in your fishing case.

Model: GT-01

Weight: 155 grams

Dimensions (LxW): 17cm x 5.5cm

Composition: Wood and Steel.

Origin: China

Color Options: # 1 Orange, # 2 Yellow, # 3 Nemo and # 4 Red.

-01 Original Artificial ´Predatory Fishing Lure Wood Steel 17cm Opass Popper GT-01