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Original Aluminium Pressure Cooker Pan 4,5L Graphite Non-stick Display - MTA

by MTA
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$130.90 - $130.90
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With the MTA Pressure Cooker you will have even more practicality and safety in the kitchen when preparing your delicious meals. Made of 1.8 mm thick aluminum, it guarantees product quality and durability. It has 5 layers of non-stick coating that does not let food stick and makes washing easier.

The great advantage of this model is the unbreakable glass display with high impact resistance that allows you to view the cooking without the need to open the lid. And more! It has 80 Kpa that provides a faster and more uniform cooking keeping the nutrients of the foods.

• Glass display, facilitates the monitoring of cooking without opening the pan
• Working pressure: 80kPa
• Capacity: 4.5 liters
• External and internal non-stick finish
• Graphite color
• Material: Pure aluminum
• Provides fast and uniform cooking
• Handle and heat-resistant cable, which guarantee safety and ease of handling
• Product certified by INMETRO

For Use on Stoves:
• Electric
• Gas
• Ceramics

Pan Measurements:
Height: 15cm
Diameter: 20cm
Length: 42cm
Weight: 1,445Kg

-01 MTA Pressure Cooker Pan Graphite 4,5L