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Natura EKOS Trifásico Pitanga / Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Pitanga - 200 Ml

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ÓLEO TRIFÁSICO DESODORANTE CORPORAL EKOS PITANGA - 200 ML / Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Ekos Pitanga - 200 ml

Your vibrant skin like Pitanga.

Symbol of the tropicality of Brazil, Pitangueira has leaves that exude a soft perfume from where the essential oil that reveals tropical, vibrant and fresh notes. This body oil, with very light texture, enhances the natural tone of the skin.


• With emollient properties and deodorant action, promotes sensation of refreshment after the rinsing, besides leaving your skin soft and delicately scented with the fresh and vibrant notes of pitanga.

Content: 200ml