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Natura EKOS Trifásico Andiroba / Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Andiroba - 200 Ml

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ÓLEO TRIFÁSICO DESODORANTE CORPORAL EKOS ANDIROBA - 200 ML / Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Ekos Andiroba - 200 ml

Your armored skin against day-to-day damage.

Provide an incredible sense of well-being for you and for those you love. Extracted sustainably, only by pressing of its seeds, the pure oil of Andiroba has a high power restoration of the skin. Ekos invites a ritual that relieves tiredness and that takes care of you and your skin.


• Developed with 100% vegetable oils, form a protective film on the skin and enhance the natural tone;

• Helps in hydration of the skin;

• Missest texture, ideal for daily use.

Content: 200ml