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Natura EKOS Trifásico Andiroba / Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Andiroba - 200ml

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ÓLEO TRIFÁSICO DESODORANTE CORPORAL ANDIROBA EKOS - 200ML / Three-phase Oil Body Deodorant Andiroba Ekos - 200ml

Three-phase Body Deodorant Andiroba Ekos: An invitation to take care of you and your skin.

Provide an incredible sense of well-being for you and for those you love. Extracted sustainably, only by pressing of its seeds, the pure oil of Andiroba has a high power restoration of the skin. Ekos invites a ritual that relieves tiredness and that takes care of you and your skin. Developed with the pure Andiroba oil, the three-phase body deodorant body Andiroba Ekos is rich in limonoids and terpenes, substances that restore the skin and balance their defense mechanisms. With light texture and intense and refreshing fragrance, leaves your skin soft, scented and with natural shine.


• Developed with 100% vegetable oils, form a protective film on the skin and enhances the natural tone.

• Helps in the hydration of the skin.

• Missest texture, ideal for daily use.

Content: 200ml.