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Natura EKOS Trifásico Açaí / Three Phase Açaí - 100 Ml

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ÓLEO TRIFÁSICO AÇAÍ - 100 ML / Three Phase Açaí - 100 ml

This body oil, with very light texture, enhances the natural tone of the skin, leaving it soft and delicately scented.

This three-phase oil is an invitation to a well-being and relaxation ritual, to moisturize, perfume and calm the skin. Formulated with aromatic acai extract, fruit amazon icon, combines light flowers and fresh notes with touch of red and purplish fruits. , it forms a protective film on your skin and leaves it softer, naturally radiant and fragrant from fruity and exotic notes.


• rich in essential fatty acids;

• Developed with 100% vegetable oils;

• Enhances the natural brightness of the skin;

• Leaves skin soft and velvety;

• calms the skin;

• light texture;

• Creates a protective film that protects the skin;

• Leaves the skin pierced with an exotic and fruity fragrance.

Content: 100ml.