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Natura EKOS Néctar Maracujá / Nectar Moisturizing Hands Maracujá - 75g

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NÉCTAR HIDRATANTE PARA AS MÃOS MARACUJÁ EKOS - 75G / Nectar Moisturizing Hands Maracujá Ekos - 75g

Moisturizes and calms the skin as it fights the cutaneous stress markers.

Take this nectar rich in essential fatty acids, with light texture and quick drying, which forms a protective film in your hands. The passion fruit seeds, which give rise to a calming crude oil, are rescued by communities that work in a sustainable way such as the harvest and coaprocor.


• Skin rebalances;

• Cutaneous anti-stress;

• 99% natural origin;

• Biocompatible formula;

• your blunt and soft skin;

• We say no tests on animals, parabens, silicones and mineral oil;

• 100% recycled packaging. 6 mm of PET bottles withdrawals from nature per year.

Content: 75g.