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Natura EKOS Néctar Maracujá / Nectar Moisturizing Deodorant For The Maracujá Body - 400ml

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NÉCTAR DESODORANTE HIDRATANTE PARA O CORPO MARACUJÁ EKOS - 400ML / Nectar moisturizing deodorant for the maracujá body ekos - 400ml

Moisturizes and calms the skin as it fights the cutaneous stress markers.

Enjoy this moisturizing nectar deodorant for the body rich in essential fatty acids with light texture and quick absorption. The passion fruit seeds, which give rise to a calming crude oil, are rescued by communities that work in a sustainable way such as the harvest and coaprocor.


• Skin rebalances;

• Cutaneous anti-stress;

• 97% natural origin;

• Biocompatible formula;

• your blunt and soft skin;

• We say no tests on animals, parabens, silicones and mineral oil;

• 100% recycled packaging. 6 mm of PET bottles withdrawals from nature per year.

Content: 400ml.