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Neca Deluxe Ultimate Assassin Predator Unarmored 7" Scale Predator 2018 Figure

by Neca
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The Predators, are a fictional extraterrestrial race featured in the films of the series that started with the movie "The Predator", whose civilization seems to revolve around the concept of hunting for sport with its own code of honor, and known mainly for its distinctive camouflage device, which allows them to be totally invisible. Excellent hunters, they travel from planet to planet, and their objective in this hunt is to beat their opponent, so that when they return to their planet, they have the skull of a native creature as their own. trophy, so they will receive a military status or positions of honor. From the franchise's latest episode, 2018's The Predator, comes Assassin Predator in a new paint job as he appears in the final scenes of the film. While fighting the remaining members of the Loonies, the Assassin Predator is left in a vulnerable state, having lost its ability to produce a layer of protective armor.

Included Items Figure, 2 heads, 2 pairs of hands and weapons
Product Size 28 cm
Recommended Age Recommended product for over 15 years old
Unisex gender
Neca Manufacturer
Scale 7"
Ultimate Line
lot 190
Product Type Action Figure

-01 Neca Deluxe Ultimate Assassin Predator Unarmored 7" Predator 2018 Figure