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Natura NATURÉ Alegria No Parque Água Infantil / Joy In Child Cologne Park - 100 Ml

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NATURÉ ALEGRIA NO PARQUE ÁGUA DE COLÔNIA INFANTIL - 100 ML / Naturé Joy in Child Cologne Park - 100 ml

Perfect to play, explore the world and discover the senses, without limitations!

It is an invitation to feel the colorful and vibration of plum and pear and still find the beauty of flowers by the way. It is a delight to stroll in the park and get carried away by the cozy comfort of peach and vanilla.


• Soft, safe and fun, cheerful and colorful fragrance, with plum smell, pear, peach and vanilla;

• with valve;

• Tap-shaped cap, designed for the children's hands;

• 100% recycled bottle;

• Natural 88% formula;

• Do not contain: alcohol, dyes, bht, parabens and phthalates;

• Cartridge with coloring designs;

• Dermatologically tested;

• Vegan product.

Content: 100 ml