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Hidramais Natural exfoliating cream hydramal with vitamin E - 500g

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Natural exfoliating cream hydramais 500g

The natural exfoliating cream promotes exfoliation from 100% natural exfoliating microprovers, renewing the skin and removing dead cells.
Contains silicone and canola oil, rich in anti-oxidizing agents and anti inflammatory.
Its formulation also has vitamin E, which helps in preventing skin aging, enhancing collagen production.


Canola oil
Vitamin E

For the preparation of the skin for aesthetic procedures, as it removes dead cells.

- Removes dead cells.
- Promotes the renewal of the skin.
- Contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

The result is a soft, renewed and hydrated skin in minutes, and the awareness of sustainable beauty.


01 - Natural exfoliating cream hydramal 500g