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Natura KAIAK Miniatura Extremo / Miniature Extreme Deodorant Cologne - 25 Ml

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MINIATURA KAIAK EXTREMO DESODORANTE COLÔNIA - 25 ML / Miniature Kaiak Extreme Deodorant Cologne - 25 ml

Explore your limits and find out what moves you!

Extreme Kaiak has a fragrance that contrasts the intense freshness with a rich herbal structure. His woody and amazed notes show the power of movement. It is ideal for men who go to the limit and always want more. Miniature version of the fragrance to take with you where it is.

Olfactory path:

• Top: Mandarina, Bergamot, green leaves.

• Body: Dihidromiercenol, Muguet, transparent woods.

• Fund: Musc, Sandalwood, Moss.

Content: 25ml.