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Micellar Water - Beyoung

by Beyoung
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Beyoung Micellar Water® promotes a deep cleaning, completely removing all makeup and accumulated pollution on the skin during the day.
It maintains the hydration of the skin and controls the oiliness with extreme effectiveness. More than a micellar water, a solution to the skin care demand. Where to use? Face, eyes, mouth, neck and lap. When using? Daily: morning and night. Aqueous texturesolution. Know the benefits formula consists of micelles that capture impurities and eliminate difficult residues with other facial cleaning agents. Climpa deeplyRemove the pollution Olegenhearmove the makeonifies the skin for the hydration of cathetic and caprylic acid technologia. complete removal of waste by attraction, without interacting with natural skin lipids. Apple water: obtained through an exclusive technology, this water is fully compatible with human skin, maintaining all the active nutrients of the fruit, returning the vitality by Assistance of the stimulus of epidermal renewal.