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Men Galbe Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Big Success of Apothecary, the men's men's fragrance Men Galbe was repaginated and won a more modern bottle and following the international perfumery line.Men Galbe preserves Galbe's olfactory features, but with a fresh bias through a perfect balance of citrus notes Fresh with an aromatic chord. In his pyramid, Men Galbe brings at the top notes of lemon, lavender and rosemary, geranium, sage and violet leaves in the body and sandalwood, musk, elemi and cedar in the background. A real explosion of refreshment! From the Olfactive Faming Fougère Aromatic, Men Galbe was developed for men looking for a colony with freshness.Segredinho: a refreshing male fragrance with citrus and green notes, perfect for men who are not afraid to reinvent.