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Men Deodorant Cologne 100ml - o Boticario

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Men deodorant colony 100ml
Men from O Boticário is for you who live in the rush and need accurate solutions. It's for you who do not like to waste time and love being always prepared for whatever comes. It is for you who seek a fresh and indulgent male fragrance. Men deodorant Cologne is the practical and ideal solution for the modern man who dwells in you.

The fragrance is vegan and combines citrus output and aromatic notes with a timber patchouli background. Men belongs to the Olfactive Family Fougère Aromatic and presents a representative body that makes it fresh and modern: lavender, cedar leaf, mint and pink.

Men is a perfect male perfumery item for any

occasion. Be day or night, be prepared to leave your brand.

The deodorant Cologne opens path to a complete line with

All that man needs to take care of unrelated.

Go from Men, man.

No botican product is tested on animals. Product



Olfativa Family: Fougère Aromatic