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Natura EKOS Fortalecedora Patauá / Mask Strengthener Patauá - 200g

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MÁSCARA FORTALECEDORA PATAUÁ EKOS - 200G / Mask Strengthener Patauá Ekos - 200g

Nature generates beauty.

With unique patauá oil and technology in its formula, the strengthening mask Ekos Patauá is ideal for fine and fragile hair, with slow growth and that break easily.


• Repairs deeply weakened wires.

• Decreases breakage.

• Uniforms the cuticle.

• Leaves the wires embedded and with life.

• Strengthens the wires.

• Unique Patauá and Technology Oil, which accelerate growth and leave the strongest and sturdy wires with fresh fragrance and woody notes.

Content: 200g.